Pre Marriage Education

Research shows that pre marriage education can make a significant contribution to a fulfilling, lifelong marriage; the Church’s desire for all marrying couples.

It is a requirement that all couples who wish to marry in the Catholic Church attend such a program. Our services are designed to meet this requirement. Attending a pre-marriage course does not replace meetings with your celebrant.

Together Forever ($250)
(Group Course)

This course provides you with the opportunity to share your ideas and expectations; consider your long term commitment; appreciate the strengths of your relationship; learn new skills; and identify areas for growth.

We offer these courses most weekends either on a Saturday or Sunday.  Enrolment into Together Forever also includes the Together in Harmony course, an invitation will be sent approximately a year after your wedding.

FOCCUS Plus ($300)
(Individual Couple Course)

The FOCCUS Pre marriage Inventory is an enjoyable and comprehensive way to build a realistic picture of the strength and growth areas of your relationship. FOCCUS Plus begins with an online questionnaire covering a wide range of relationship issues. This is followed up by two facilitated feedback and discussion sessions led by an accredited educator. It is an ideal program for couples who would like to reflect on their relationship in a more private setting. (FOCCUS – Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study)

FOCCUS Premium ($350)
(Group and Individual Course)

While Together Forever and FOCCUS meet a couples requirements for pre marriage education FOCCUS Premium is the comprehensive gold standard for relationship enrichment. The group courses offers couples a broad range of relationship ideas while the FOCCUS inventory and follow up sessions allows couples to explore in more depth. Combining both programs gives couples the best foundation for a fulfilling life long marriage.

Have one or both of you been married before?

If either of you have been married before, it is a requirement of the Archdiocese that you attend an initial interview session with a counsellor.  The counsellor will also discuss with you which course best suits your circumstances. Please ring (08) 9241 5000 to make an appointment prior to enrolling in a course.