Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services has been providing marriage programs in Perth since 1946 and has extensive experience in this area together with highly trained staff.

We offer a range of marriage services covering three broad areas:

Pre Marriage Education

Research shows that pre marriage education can make a significant contribution to a fulfilling, lifelong marriage; the Church’s desire for all marrying couples.

It is a requirement that all couples who wish to marry in the Catholic Church attend such a program. Our services are designed to meet this requirement. Attending a pre-marriage course does not replace meetings with your celebrant.

Marriage Enrichment

For married couples who wish to deepen and strengthen their marriage. All couple relationships experience ups and downs. Couples with long lasting, fulfilling marriages take every opportunity to strengthen their marriage and work on areas for growth. Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services offers a number of programs for couples and highly recommends a number of other programs for couples wishing to enrich their marriage.

Marriage Counselling

It’s normal for couples to go through periods from time to time where they may struggle in their marriage. Just like getting a plumber to help with a leaking tap or a doctor when we are ill it is a strength in marriage to reach out for support when we need it. Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services offers some counselling services. More information can be obtained by contacting our office on: (08) 9241 5000 (Tues-Thurs).