Curriculum Connection: Created Individually by God and Freed to Live Like Jesus

Working time: 2 periods; separate workshops for boys and girls

The inner and outer world of a child changes completely as they enter high school. They face new challenges, feelings and awareness of their developing sexuality. During this transition phase to maturity and independence there are many questions and concerns. Students need to know why things are changing, that they are okay and that they are not alone. This workshop builds on our personal development programs in year five and six providing continuity of care for student

  • Draws on the experiences of the students and their understanding about themselves and the person they are becoming.
  • Summarises hormonal and physical changes leading to an exploration of feelings and behaviour.
  • Students learn appropriate ways to deal with their feelings particularly anger and sexual feelings.
  • Students learn how to nurture self, understand brain development and it’s effect on decision making.
  • Emphasises the importance of building healthy friendships, being the “boss of our body,” making good choices and staying connected with parents for love, guidance and support

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