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Learning how to Listen

Learning how to listen is one of the most challenging aspects of a couple relationship and yet also one of the greatest gifts someone can give their spouse. Even experienced counsellors and psychologists find it challenging to listen in their own relationships. It’s much easier to listen when our partner complains about work or extended […]

How to stay married and not kill your spouse

Research shows that when couples begin keeping score in their marriage it is generally a sign that the marriage is in trouble. Yet all couples have experienced this challenge at sometime in the marriage during stressful phases: “Who has changed the most nappies, who last washed the dishes, how often do you get to spend […]

Teen Sexual Health Survey Released

La Trobe University, recently, released its most recent edition of the Teen Sexual Health Survey. The survey has been released at regular intervals since 1992 and is the most reliable source of information tracking changing trends in adolescent sexual attitudes and behaviour. The survey is conducted with over 2000 students from government, Catholic and independent […]